Integration to NAV 2015 customer table loops


We have created an integration to NAV 2015 where we read from the customer table. The problem we have is that there are approx. 1500 customers in the table but only 84 are integrated, when it reach row no. 84 it starts again from the beginning in and endless loop but keep counting the rows in workbench up.


Has anyone experienced this behavior before ? I have tried to move data to CRM and also created a new job moving data to a SQL table with only the fields no. and name from NAV and still the same problem.


Some of the tabels in NAV where in Danish, I had to rename the table in KSYNC from LicenseInformation to licensoplysninger. The other fields/tables in KSYNC seems to be right name.


I haven't experienced this issue before, any ideas are appreciated, thanks