intelligent-equipment-accelerator missing steps

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Refer to 

in the Quick Start PDF documentation page 40; and I quote 

Then send an empty tuple (using the “Manual Input” tab in the “SB Test/Debug” perspective in 

SBStudio to the stream “IEA_MainRef1.Module.LookupEntityType.TriggerCreateEntityTables” – this 

reads the EntityType and DeviceType tables and creates dynamic LDM tables which can receive 

sensor data after featurisation. 

however, I can not find this TriggerCreateEntityTables; the nearest is TriggerCreateDynamicTables

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Thanks for pointing this out. I will update the documentation to correct the name of input stream to TriggerCreateDynamicTables.

khiggins - Jan 10, 2018 - 2:25pm
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