Interactive Feature Layers on Map Chart

I'm still new to Spotfire so not sure this is simple or hard question.  I want take a Map Chart and make it so when clicking on an item in feature layer (a polygon) that it will switch the active layer to another layer.  I searched this forum and appears the API exposes all settings for active and show/hide layers.  Where I'm stuck is how I tie when an user cliks on object in a feaure layer it will trigger an IronPython script to run instead of just applying a filter to the dataset.

Basically I have shape file built to show our company's regions. I import this as Map feature layer.  Then have additional shape files defining areas within a region. I put these in as additional Map feature layers.  I'm wanting default Map to showing the company regions. The user clicks one regon on map and then an IronPython (or other) script will run to change the Active Feature Layer to show the areas available within the regions. They click outside one of the sub areas and it will go back to feature layer showing all regions.  


Any suggestions on whether this is possible and how to do it are appreciated. 

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