Interactivity between Text area and visualization

- Background: I have 100 sub-processes with different revenue amount. I need to make a decision which sub-processes to be "in-scope" to get to X% of total revenue of all 100 sub-processes. 3 columns: Process, Revenue, and Percent of Rev.
- What I have: A bar chart showing [Processes] and [Percent of Rev]. Text area that contains filters and a calculated value for total coverage (Sum([Percent of Rev])). So when I adjust the filters the total coverage number will change accordingly.
- What i'm trying to do:
1. I want to have the option to do the opposite of what i have, meaning I want to set a total coverage number, say 80%, and i want my visualization (either in the form of a chart or a table) to show me all the sub-processes that i need to make up 80%, from largest to smallest. As i adjust the coverage number the list of sub-processes will change accordingly. How can I do this?
2. As I mark data on the bar chart, my calculated value for total coverage in the text area doesn't change to reflect this. Is there a way to do this? Maybe text area is not the right tool?

Thank you all so much!


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