Invoking BPM APIs from BusinessWorks

I have created a project containing a process with a Catch Message Start Event. I want to call this process from BW 5. So I obtained the URL of the WSDL from Admin -> Generate WSDL.

In BW, I created a WSDL activity. In the 'Copy from URL' field, I provided the above URL. The porttype and message got created automatically.

Then in a BW process, I configured a SOAP request-reply activity for this service. I selected the WSDL and rest of the fields got populated.

The BW process runs and ends, but it does not create an instance of the BPM process i.e. there are no work items generated in Openspace.

Did I miss something?

Also do I need any of these - Identity, Security Policy, HTTP Proxy Config? I read about these here:

But it isn't a detailed post.

Also, is there any detailed guide for this? If yes, please share. Thanks in advance.


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