iProcess 11.1 Installation on Linux

Hello All,

I've been around for a while trying to install iProcess for Oracle on Linux. As a non-experienced Oracle administration user, and first-time installer of iProcess on Linux , I still have some issues to resolve, and hence need your support to provide the community with a complete , supportive resource over here.

As per the Installation Guide of iProcess 11.1, I'm downloaded the Oracle Enterprise edition source for Linux. As well, I downloaded the patch from Oracle metalink, and applied it successfully on the installation.

Now, when i got further to the Installation Guide, I found they are recommending using patch for Oracle database. I tried to download the patch again from Oracle metalink, and I couldn't find it at all, I just found the patch set. Can I use this patch ? or what is recommended to do now?

As well, I'm intending to do the installation of iProcess Engine 11.1 on the same machine of Oracle DB Server:

- Do i need to use an Oracle Client ? what version ? (as per the installation guide , oracle client version

- From where can i download the Oracle Client ? i can only find ...

- What are the needed steps for finalizing the Oracle setup for iProcess for Linux ? (setup, patch , changePerm.sh ...etc. )

- What are the needed steps after Oracle setup, help with the prerequistes checklist mentioned within the installation guide ?

- I can now find that iProcess Engine 11.1.1 support Oracle 11g , do you see that installation over 11g is better than 10g in any perspective ? if so , I can do the installation of oracle server again? if yes , please mention the needed steps for 11g ?

Thanks a million , looking forward to hearing from you soon ,



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