iProcess Delayed Release problem from BW

I am using a delayed release activity in a BW application to release an EAI step (BE Plug-in) in an iPE procedure.. The BW delayed release activity in BW doesn't generate any error, however the EAI step doesnot get released. I cannot find any related error in either SPO or sw_error/sw_warn logs for this.

I am guessing that the delayed release activity in BW uses makes a java call to invoke an SSO-Lite procedure in the iPE database which in turn puts a message to the AQ table (referred to as mbox). The background processes in iPE pick-up the message from mbox and performs the actual task asynchronously. This leads me into thinking as-to what the success criterion for the delayed release acitivity is ?

  • successfully queue-ing a message into mbox for delayed release
  • getting a success message from the background process that performs the delayed release

Wondering if anybody has faced a similar problem or have an idea of how this problem can be troubleshooted? The same BW application when run in the Designer (instead of the server) works fine, however when deployed thru admin doesnot work as explained above.


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