Iprocess workflow question


I have question for the workflow of one of my procedure.

My procedure consist of 2 manual step having different workqueues(WQ1 , WQ2). When I start a case the work item goes to work queue 'WQ1' and after releasing from 'WQ1' its going to workQ 'WQ2'.

The situation is that when the workitem came to workQ 'WQ1' , I have released it from there ('WQ1') by mistake, so it went to workQ 'WQ2'.I want the workitem back in the 'WQ1' but the problem is that procedure is ending after the 'WQ2' workitem and also its not connected back to first manual step.

So is there any way to send back the work item in 'WQ1' from 'WQ2' without doing any changes to the procedure.. like doing changes in the database ?

Please let me know ur suggestions\solution.


Gulshan Kumar

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