ISERROR() method giving incorrect results.

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In my Configure Step, I have a Precondition where it checks whether a child record is present or not.If a child record is present, RecId field will have a value (S185)



IF(ISERROR(S185),ENDJOBFAILEDMSG("Invoice Has no Lines"),if(ISERROR(S85),ENDJOBFAILEDMSG("Empty Message"),TRUE()))


When I test the DTS file, I can see values in the source field S185, but the execution gets terminated by ENDJOBFAILUREMSG "Invoice has no lines". The source field is not null still the IF results executed 'True' condition.


Please find attached screenshots for:

1. Precondition

2.S185 Data not null

3.Step execution error. 


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Anjali Hemmadi

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