ISO week in graph

Last calender year had 53 weeks according to the ISO standard. The problem is now that I have a graph were the user can slice the x-axis from year-month-week-day. 

On the webserver of our company Spotfire is splitting up ISO week 53 in two parts: the days which are in 2020 are in week 53 and the day in 2021 are in week 1. Next to this, the weeks in 2021 are now shifted by one week. Last week in the graph is now week 3 while that should be week 2. And week 2 should be week 1. 

On my personal laptop I have different time settings (week starts on sunday) and then week 53 is split in a week 53 part in 2020 and a week 53 part in 2021. Week 1 and 2 of 2021 are corrict in this set up. 

My question is how we can solve this, preferably on both the web server and laptop settings. Something similar like the FiscalYearOffset property?


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