Issue with 'Limit Data using expression'

Hi All 

 I have been trying to implement 'Limite Data using Expression' from Vizualisation proprties and using very simple operator '=' to limit the data. It's astonishing me, filter is working incorrectly and blocking all teh data.  I tried using different string operations but was unsuccesful.


I am using very staight expression like similiar as : Countrny name = 'US'  (string type),  By appling a filter from filtering schema, this is perfectly alright.


And I tried as Country Name  ="US"

we are using Tibco 7.11 and recentry upgraded to from 7.6 to 7.11

This is weird,  Please advise me to fix and would be grateful for sharing any ideas to wotkaround. 

Thanks in advance, 



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