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Issue with two datatables in one bar plot - Color axis


I am currently encountering an issue when adding a color axis to a bar plot consisting of two data tables.


One datatable (Table 1) looks like the following:


Product Phase Value

A 1 1
A 2 1
B 1 2


the second table (Table 2) looks like this:

Name Time

A 10
B 4

I built the bar chart using Table 1, with "product" being on the category axis and the sum of the values on the value axis. The color is defined by the "phase" column. The result should be a stacked bar chart using the "phases". 

Then I wanted to add a single bar next to these based on the matched column pair Product-Name. However, if I want to do this, the second bar from table 2 is also stacked with the same value for each phase. 


The left side is completely correct, but the right side is displayed 4 times instead of being plotted once. The "color column" is not available in Table 2 and there is also no column to match to. In the perfect case, it would be cool to select the color for the right bar on my own.


Does anybody know a solution for this?


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how do you get only one bar from table1 with Product on the x axis? Don't you get a bar for A and a bar for B? Can you show a plot with the legend and axes definitions?

Gaia Paolini - Jun 22, 2022 - 1:57am
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