Is it possible to open an analysis file by passing an object to spotfire instead of path to that file?

I am trying to figure out (find what limitations the Spotfire API has) in terms of opening Analysis files. Does the Spotfire API allow creating an in-memory object representing the Analysis file to the WebPlayer to open instead of passing a PATH to that file in the Library? I am using Spotfire version 10.1. To illustrate what I am trying to achieve, I am attaching this code block:
window.onload = function() {
var customization = new spotfire.webPlayer.Customization();
customization.showClose = false;

// can I pass dxp file in memory like that?
var file = new AnalysisFile();
var app = new spotfire.webPlayer.Application(htmlRawModelAnalyticsserver,

var doc = app.openDocument("spotfire-container", htmlRawModelLaunchpage);

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