Is it possible to reference a variable used in the javascript configuration block to open a paramaterized stored procedure in python script?

In my case I'm using a basic configuration block to define some input variables into a stored procedure/query for data in the Analysis.


...g_app_1 = new spotfire.webPlayer.Application(g_spotfire_server, customization);

var configuration = 'pManagerId=25788;pClientId=1027;SetPage(pageIndex=0);';, g_div_analysis_1, configuration); } ...


Now, I have a second stored procedure that I want to open "on demand" when a button is pressed in the Analytic. I can't seem to reference the value pManagerID in the button script to enable the on demand call. If I open the second dataset when the analysis is initially opened, the pManagerId value is read it just fine, but due to performance, I want to open the second data set ONLY if the user takes an action.

Can I reference this pManagerId value in some way in the app?




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