I've recently started receiving daily system alert emails from Scribe. We've tried several suggestions from our CRM provider, including restarting the server, with no success. What is causing this and how do we fix it?

I've tried going to Dashboard--> Tools--> Services--> and restarting the different Scribe servers (5 of them) but that only provides a temporary fix. We have a nightly update running from our ERP system to CRM using ODBC tables. The failures and alerts seem to occur during that time. We've already rescheduled other server backups and turned off conflicting log truncation that was originally causing the conflict, but now the problem is back. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Email Examples:


1) System alert: Scribe AdminServer - CServiceModule::Run (Alert # 200, Alert Id 131474)

Health Manager failed, shutting down service


2) System alert: Scribe EventManager - CServiceModule::Run (Alert # 200, Alert Id 131471)

Listener Manager failed, shutting down service


3) System alert: Scribe AdminServer - Internal database cleanup failed (Alert # 200, Alert Id 131470)

[08S01] Communication link failure


4) System alert: Scribe BridgeServer - CServiceModule::Run (Alert # 200, Alert Id 131459)

Bridge Manager failed, shutting down service


5) System alert: Scribe MonitorServer - Error in monitor Notify Monitor (Alert # 501, Alert Id 131453)

[08S01] Communication link failure. [08S01] Communication link failure