JavaScript Visualization (JSViz) doesn't work Spotfire analyst



After installing JSViz in Spotfire Analyst 7.13, JS doesn't run the script even after we add the JS file into the library and load it into content, not even a simple alert test script (like alert pop up). Did I miss any part in the installation? Also no Script Error Message pop up if the script put into content has syntax issue. Did this happen to anyone before? 

Instead, if I create a text area and import JS script like alert('message'), alert will show up.

Besides, I am working on a Sunburst JS visualization on Spotfire Analyst 7.13, which works perfectly fine in Spotfire Analyst 6.0 version. 



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Dr. Spotfire - Any thoughts on this?

jwatts - Sep 05, 2018 - 6:14pm ::
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