Joining worksheets from an excel file


I am trying to figuring out how to pull 3 worksheets from an excel file (an excel spreadsheet with 3 tab sheets inside) : PropertyOrderProduct, OrderDetails and Productos. I know how to do this in Tableau and I am trying to do the same in Spotfire.  

In Spotfire I had to open initially the excel file and get by default the first sheet only and after that, I needed to use the add table option to load the same file again just to chose the second sheet and doing the same to get the third sheet. I am guessing that probably it is not the best process doing this. (Rookie in Spotfire)

Once I have generated and checked the tables in Spotfire (No empty rows) I managed the relations according to the columns matching in the tables. Now, when I try to create a bar graph based on the Quantity values from the [OrderDetails] vs the  Propertycity from [PropertyOrderProduct] it doesn't work. I can't reflex the quantities in the bars in relation to the cities.  I get the name of cities but all the bars get the same value. I have attached a sample of the excel file

Thanks in advance for any support




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