JSViz 2.4 on Spotfire 7.0 including html page

the proposed method to use JSViz in our company is to include .html file where we'd wish the .css & .js file included by the .html file would also be loaded into JSViz, therefore we tried to include a sample html of JSViz, Tester-DoughnutChart.html, in Spotfire 7.0 with JSViz as a sample of our intended use, however we're facing following issue :


1. duplicate rendering header & body


as explained in JSViz document,

it specifies that JSViz would render a html for display if no .html file is included, but will use the included html instead if there's any (described in 9.

Using a Custom HTML Page)

however it doesn't seems to be the case becuase when using developer tools to inspect the rendered html of JSViz, there's multiple header & body part.


2. cannot directly execute call_render()


there's a button of call_render() in Tester-DoughnutChart.html, when incuding this html in Spotfire JSViz, we're unable to render the doughnt chart by clicking the button (it would flash out for half sec and it's


but, however, able to render it by calling call_render() in console of developer tools(F12) in Chrome What causes this?


in summary,

we'd like to know is this kind of usage suppored in JSViz?

Many thanks!

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Before I dig too deply into this, can you confirm that the library item for the HTML page was added with the type "HTML".  If it was incorrectly added as a JS or CSS file, then this would cause the issue you described above.

If I add Tester-DoughnutChart.html as you described, it shows correctly and I can press the "Call renderCore()" button to display the chart.

Dave Leigh - Aug 02, 2016 - 11:40am ::
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