Keeping a JAVA class alive through TIBCO


I have a Java application that connects to a 3rd party vendor by implementing their notifier interface and creating a session with them. The 3rd party passes data do my application through this same session.

However, I now need to instantiate this class via TIBCO (which I know how to do), subscribe to the server (also done), and then keep this class alive and listening for calls (which I do not know how to do in TIBCO?).

Each TIBCO process has a start and end. How do I keep a Java notifier class alive and listening for method calls? The class is wiped out when the process ends. If I create this class as a global variable, it still saves state, but will it keep the connection? The 3rd party polls this connection every so often to see if there's a listener still alive.

Please excuse me if this is something silly and I am overlooking because I have just recently started TIBCO development.



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