KPI Chart - Dynamic value axis to detail page for all metrics in KPI Chart.

Hi Everyone,


I am naive to Tibco Spotfire Analaytics tool and trying to achieve the below specified reuqiremrnt 


I have a requirement with KPI Chart with different metrics (Tiles). Whenever I click on any metrics (Tiles), it should redirect to single detail page. Detail page consists of bar graph with fixed x-axis (say, Fiscal Month), y- axis should dynmically change relevant to the selection of metric in KPI chart (mteric), 

I created detailed pages for every metric of KPI Chart which user is not happy with more detailed pages. Please advise me if we can achieve this using Python scripting or property controls. 

If it's feasible and possible in Spotfire, Kindly let me know the details steps. 

Appreciate for your quiclk repsonse. Looking forward to hear back.


Thanks in advance. 



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