LDAP Sync with the spotfire server


this is my scenario :

1)Spotfire Server authentication using an OpenLDAP server.
2)Synchronization interval : every minute

Problem :

After a certain period users cannot login. It's necessary restart the server.

I know it's an issue to have a synchronization intervall so small. I solved the issue setting the sync time to 1 hour. Anyway I want more details on this issue. When I tryed to debug the issue I checked many open connections with the LDAP server so I'm wondering if there is some setting to tune this parameter. Another point is the synch between the user in the LDAP server and the user in the spotfire  DB. What happens during the synchronization? What happens when a user try to login during the synchronization?
If someone can share other details or can post a link to the DOC it's appreciated.

(2) Answers