Left Outer join in Spotfire


We are facing a critical issue due to that the dashboards are failed to add many columns and many visualizations are not working properly.

For Creating a Report, I used the Inner Joins and some of the tables need to add with Left Join but when am attempting to do that it is taking the Left outer Join inside but returning the data in wrong way like the unmatched record got reduced. So I looked for the alternative approach in Spotfire and ended up with utilizing Insert-> Columns approach. By using that approach the main data (i.e: Data presented before Join) was not affected and the required columns got added but THE PROBLEM is tthe added columns from Insert Columns approach returning only EMPTY Values. 

Attempted to do the Left outer Join retuning the wrong data and Attempted for Insert Columns approach returning Empty values. Looking for alternative approach also solution for this. 

Please advise how to resolve this issue. Your earliest response would be greatly appreciated. thanks !!

Thanks in advance!


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If your dataset is not confidential enough,would you be able to share the datasets or the report file with data embedded? 

Nawaz - Aug 10, 2017 - 1:13pm ::
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