Library Folder Structure - best practice, and any migration tools out there?

We want to completely refactor our Spotfire library folder structure. We have a draft structure, and I'm wondering if there are any best or good practices to follow. We are definitely moving away from using departments / orgs because they change over time (one of our big probs right now). We are a large research org, and have many users, projects and activities going on, and content is spread over the entire library.

Current top level folder structure (draft)

  • Users - one folder per user, for personal analytics
  • Apps - global "Spotfire Applications" that are named, and mashup content
  • Projects - smaller "apps" that may be used by ad-hoc or departmental teams to analyze their latest data
  • Data - some organization of all data sources, info links, columns, joins, procedures, filters
  • Functs - all data functions

We want users to migrate their own visualization content, so users are invested in their analytics and the library is no longer a dump with lots of old, unused content. We want to collect and pre-migrate all data related constructs so when users move their viz content, the dependencies are already satisfied.

Are there any tools to help with 

  • collecting  / identifying all dependent content for users - user IDs the analysis file, and the tool makes all dependencies known.
  • moving all data content within the library in an automated manner
  • export -> import - we are looking to automate as much as possible

I've searched this forum, but most of the answers were not very specific, or rather old. I wonder if there are any newer ideas, especially from TIBCO.



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