Library Geocoding tables - Best Practices

We have begun adding some of our GIS group's geographical data to the Spotfire library. We have followed instructions found in the Help documentation, which overall has been excellent. But we're unsure about a few things, looking for any advice from the community.

  • The Help documentation shows how to add Geocoding properties to the columns once the data is in the client. Has anyone applied Geocoding properties to Column Elements in the Information Designer? Seems like a better way to define those properties definitively, curious if anyone else has been there.
  • Similar to above, seems you could populate the Geocoding table properties on the Info Link itself. Good idea? Bad idea?
  • We're unsure how to populate Hierarchy properties, like MapChart.GeocodingHierarchyName and MapChart.GeocodingHierarchyPriority. We are shooting in the dark on these, maybe someone else has experience to share.
  • When I first added a Geocoding file to the Spotfire Library, it started loading automatically anytime a Map Chart was used in Spotfire. We don't want that, and found that tweaking the MapChart.GeocodingAutoload property and the MapChart.GeocodingHierarchyPriority property seemed to control whether the data auto-loaded. We couldn't quite understand completely how auto-loading works.

Hoping some others can chime in with advice. I am happy to share what we have learned, too.

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