Limiting Data Using Expression - Date() funtion help

Hi, I am fairly new to Spotfire and need help with Limiting Data Using Expression. I inserted a Property Control as a Drop-down list into a text area in my dashboard. The drop-down list is looking at a column that has dates for different months in format MM/DD/YYYY.

I would like to have my visual change based on the month chosen in the drop-down list. The function I am trying to use is Date() to call the Year, Month and Day of the column that matches my property control. Please see my picture attached. I get an error that says "Invalid type for function call '=' on line 1, character 45." I have not been able to figure out how to solve this. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

I am not set on filtering using that function but that is what I came up with. Any other suggestions are welcome.




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