Link renderer opening directory from UNC pathname

I wish in Spotfire to configure a details-on-demand column holding a UNC directory path to render it as a link which will open the directory.

To do this, I am using "file://{$}" which renders the path correctly as, e.g. file://unc/path/to/my/payload

  It displays correctly link on-hover...

  and if I try to open it with "Windows > Run", it will open a new windows explorer window, as desired.

I have configured the following:

Under "Tools > Preferences > Everyone > Application > Application Preferences" I have

  1. enabled "file" as "Additional Uri Schemes"
  2. set "Allow Additional URI Schemes" to TRUE

And yet clicking on the link in Spotfire Desktop Analyst does nothing.

Guessing that the issue might be that a directory has no extension, I tried ensuring that it rendered with a trailing "/" which I added to "Additional File Extensions" which I then allowed, but this was not the solution.  

Any other things I might check / enable?



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