Linked data table not refreshing.


I'm having some trouble with one of my tables not refreshing when new data is imported. I have 6 data tables in total which are broken down as follows:

4 source tables

- Source A

- Source B

- Source C

- Source D

These tables contain all the basic information i need for my analysis. They are embedded within the analysis once imported.

1 Join Table

- Join Table

This table joins the 4 source tables together using various column matches. Obviously, this table is linked to the 4 source tables. This table contains all the columns from the 4 source tables as well as some calculated columns

1 "Pivot" Table

- Pivot Table

This table takes the join table and performs a pivot/aggregation. 

My problem occurs when I wish to update my data and replace the 4 source tables. When I do this I notice the data in the 4 source tables and  the Join Table updates as I expect, however the data in the Pivot Table does not. This data does not update unless I manually refresh the table, or close and open the spotfire file.

I have checked the source information and the data table is linked to the Join Table with automatic update. Its worth noting that I recently upgraded from Spotfire 7.0 to 7.6. Prior to this update I had similar analysis set up where I didn't experience this issue.

Any iformation on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Edit: It appears that when I revert to Spotfire 7.0 the aggregate table updates correctly with the join and source tables when new data is imported.

Edit 2: This issue was resolved by updating from version 7.6 to

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