Linking Text Area to automatically update when Filters are changed?

Is it possible to link a text area so that when Filters are changed, the text changes too? I am trying to build a document for reporting on different clients during different date ranges. The document has the data for all of the clients and all of the dates-- filters are used to narrow down what you're looking for at any given moment. For the most part, each report will be exported to a PDF to show said clients. I have a cover page that I want to display the following information: Client: XYZ Inc. Dates: (2/1/2018) - (3/15/2018) Where the selected client and dates are the data that is being filtered from the bigger data set. Is there a way to code the text area so that when I change the filters within the document to a specific date range, the text on the cover page automatically updates to match? Same for Client. Let me know if more info is needed-- thank you!

(2) Answers