Linux Operating Systems systemctl doesn´t start EMS at boot of system.

I configured systemsctl to start EMS at boot system, but when start/reboot it doesn´t start.

My commands were:

1. I created "ems.service" file

Description=TIBCO EMS

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "cd /home/ec2-user/tibco/ems/8.4/bin ; ./tibemsd64 -config /home/ec2-user/TIBCO_HOME/ems/tibemsd.conf &"


2. I reloaded systemctl daemon

$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

3. I started "ems.service"

$ sudo systemctl start ems.service

4. I enabled "ems.service"

$ sudo systemctl enable ems.service

5. I rebooted operating system.

$ sudo reboot

EMS doesn´t start at boot. Manually those scripts/commands work fine.

I installed EMS software with a non-root user.

Can anybody help me with ideas or scripts to start EMS automatically? Thanks in advanced.

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