Loading a copied Spotfire project and not getting all of the data columns from tables sourced from Esri shape files.

A co-worker copied their Spotfire project to a network location for other users.  Some of the people loading the project have everything come in correctly while others are having issues with any tables that are sourced from Esri shape files.  The users who are having issues load the project and are only getting the .shp portion of the shape file. I.E. the feature geometry and location data is getting imported but the .dbf portion of the shape file containing all of the additional fields is not coming over.  The issue can be resolved by adding fields from the corresponding .dbf manually or resourcing the data, but this is a tedious process since there are many shape files referenced in the project.  Again, this issue is only present with some users.  Others load the project and all the fields are present from the .dbf.  Any assitance that anyone can offer would be appreciated.

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