Loading Data on Demand for Filters and Markings.

Hello, I am trying to implement Data Load on Demand functionality on a dashboard. So, first let me guide how my dashboard look like. Please understand the scenario first.

My data is, yearly sales of different regions and their respective products. I have two pages. First page is an aggregate view with one filter (Year), two markings (Pie chart represents spend over region and bar chart represents spend on product. Bar chart have data limiting enable on pie chart. So if I select Region X, it will provide me products spend on that region). Second page contains transactional level details on whatever is selected on filters/Markings.

As my data is above 28 Million data points, therefore I am only loading TOP 10,000 rows on demand on transactional Data.

What I want?

When the user first arrives on the page, nothing is marked or filtered. If the user select Year 2014 from the filter, the transactional details should show TOP 10,000 row for year 2014. Then if user mark a region from Pie chart, the transactional detail should show TOP 10,000 rows of that region in Year 2014.

Issue I am facing

When providing the three parameter (Year, Region and Product), I am able to get TOP 10,000 only if I am selecting something from the Year filter and marking both the Region and Product. So, bascially, the Parameters are only working on AND condition, I want to them work with OR condition, i.e. whether I selecting both marking or single marking, it must bring the data on demand.

Hope you understood the question. I am uploading an image for further clarity. Let me know if this is possible.


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