Loading jdbc sources /connectors in Streambase Studio from Spotfire connector jars (not 3rd party?)

Hello I am new to this Tibco and our recent install. I can use Spotfire Analyst to connect to our MS SQL Server 2019 databases using the jdbc connectors that came with the Spotfire install.

I am trying to configure the jdbc source for MS SQL Server 2019 in the SB Studio in my Spotfire Data Streams Liveview project. not whole lot of Maven experience from the .NET world. 

My question: Can I load the same Spotfire jdbc connectors into Studio Maven dependency? Or do I have to download the Microsoft SQL 2019 jdbc drivers as 3rd party and load into Maven?

if so, is it C:\Tibco\tss\11.4\tomcat\spotfire-lib\mssql-jdbc_auth9.2.1.x64.dll  as specified in the Spotfire Server docs?

If not, then,  jdbcdatasource-10.6.1.jar from local repo C:\Users\anil\.m2\repository\com\tibco\ep\sb\configuration\jdbcdatasource\10.6.1\, is already loaded in the project  "Maven dependencies" but does not show in the drop down list for JDBCTable Data Constuct in the designer. If I try to add the Maven dependency, what is the groupID/artifact/version (tried com.tibco.ep.sb.configuration(from local jar POM)/jdbcdatasource/10.6.1, or com.tibco.ep.streambase.configuration (as in the HOCON type in the "Streambase JDBC Data Source Configuration" doc) .

I read through the "Using jdbc Data Source",  and "Streambase jdbc Data source Config" and the samples jdbc-query and lv_sample_jdbc_table which donot specify if the HOCON file jdbcsources.config has to be created from a scratch(or copied) or if there's a wizard.

Also read the sample code in jdbc-query and the lv_sample_jdbc_table project, where it is already configured w/MySQL but cannot see the steps that were taken to create or load it from 3rd party or tibco jars?

Also the 


Thank You