Logging multiple matches from a Lookup

I'm using Scribe Online to integrate HubSpot (HS) and Microsoft CRM (CRM). I'm iterating over the HS Companies and looking for matches against CRM Accounts. There are three possibilities for the Lookup:


  1. One match
  2. Zero matches
  3. Multiple matches


I want to log when multiple matches (duplicates) are returned. What I'd like to do is either:


  1. Log the criteria used by the Lookup, including the values used.


  1. Iterate over the multiple matches and log values in the fields used by the criteria.


I've created a new entity in CRM for logging the results to. I could not see any way of logging within Scribe Online.


Having spent some time investigating, I can't figure out how to do either of the above.


I'd be grateful for any assistance you can offer.



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