Lubridate failing when registering as a Data Function

I just got my TERR tools updated to v4.3 so I'm still trying to work out the kinks of the syntax.

Has anyone had  success running lubridate functions. I have a column of strings formatted like yyyymmdd. I want to run a simple function ymd(yyyymmdd) to change the whole column to yyyy-mm-dd format. When i test it in the console it works fine, but when i register as a data function it is returning a non-sensical number. Also I'd like to know the syntax regarding this, how should i format the below if i want to add a new column to my exisiting data table, running the function the functions on one of those columns. Currently i just tested it on one value.


This is it in the console, works fine

However, I try this in the data functions and it return me the below...



UPDATE: I saved my datatable as spbf file and uploaded it as test data in the TERR console. The function works fine here, how can I get it to work as a data function?





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