making a Cross table with custom expression - error

I am trying to create a cross table from two different data table sources and I am running into some issues and I would really appreciate your input. 

Table A format:

Unique Number/Element/Comments/...

Table B format (for each unique number, there are a few test dates and volume associated with it):

Unique Number/Test Date/Volume/...

Ideal resulting Cross Table format:

Unique Number/Element Name/Last Test Date/Volume from Last Test Date

Here is what I have in my expression 

[A].[unique number] as [Unique Number], [A].[element] As [Element Name], (Max([B].[Test Date])) as [Last Test Date], If([B].[Test Date]=[Last Test Date], [Volume], 0) 

when I run the table, I got an error that [A].[Last Test Date] does not exist. Is there a way I could get to the calculated value in [Last Test Date]? 


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You aren't fully qualifying it with [Table].[Column] in the expression above.
Shaun Simon - Jan 29, 2016 - 12:37pm ::
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