Manual Commit in Kafka ReceiveMessage Activity in BW Connector

How exactly works the manual commit of a message record in the Kafka ReceiveMessage Activity?  Does the manual confirm activity do a commit of the largest offset the client received from poll()? Or it will be commited exactly the offset of the latest message record processed by the BW process?


For example Kafka receiver will fetch 5 messages at once. After processing and manually commiting the first message the BW process will crash so the other 4 messages will not be processed. After the restart of the BW process with Kafka receiver will be those 4 messages redelivered to the consumer or not?


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also does anybody know if the consumer property "max.poll.records" is supported by the Kafka Receiver in the Advanced tab in the field "properties".  

frantisek.ondrej - Jul 24, 2018 - 4:40am
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