Map Chart -- Zoom In/Zoom Out Not Working Right

Hello.  We have Spotfire 5.0. Using the Internet Explorer browser.

I am finding that when serving up a page with a map chart, the web player does not behave as expected.

The online help says: "You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out".  But when I try to move the mouse wheel over a map chart, THIS DOES NOT WORK (at least it doesn't work for me).

Moving the mouse wheel, I see a small flickering and the small pane at the bottom/left shows "Connecting" briefly and then returns to "Ready" with a green light icon.  Looks like the app is really trying to do something.  But nothing happens!  The map does not zoom.  Stays exactly the same.       

I can use the little "tools" in the navigation template -- left / right / up / down / zoom in / zoom out -- those seem to work.  But users will intuitively look for the mouse-scroll zoom option.  Any ideas why that wouldn't be working?

- john

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