Map Contour Plot Data Function Error

Hi All, 

I'm pretty new to data functions so this could be a simple fix, but I'm getting the following error when I try to follow the instruction for the Map Contour Plot Data Function. 

Could not execute function call.

TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R returned an error: 'Error in data.frame(x = x, y = y, z = z) : arguments imply differing number of rows: 0, 3094312'.

   at Spotfire.Dxp.Data.DataFunctions.Executors.LocalFunctionClient.OnExecuting(FunctionClient funcClient)

   at Spotfire.Dxp.Data.DataFunctions.Executors.AbstractFunctionClient.<RunFunction>d__0.MoveNext()

   at Spotfire.Dxp.Data.DataFunctions.Executors.SPlusFunctionExecutor.<ExecuteFunction>d__0.MoveNext()

   at Spotfire.Dxp.Data.DataFunctions.DataFunctionExecutorService.<ExecuteFunction>d__6.MoveNext()


I'm running Spotfire v7.0.0.53 and TERR, which could be part of the problem, but hoping it's just something simple. Any ideas?


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That error would occur if one of the 'x', 'y', or 'z' parameters to the data function was nul or had length zero for some other reason.

wdunlap - Jun 11, 2018 - 10:00am
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