March Agent Update with new Text as source Connector for SYS

Scribe recently released an update to the Scribe Online Agent that includes a Text Source Connector for SYS Solutions. This KB article provides details for this update.


Important: For existing users, Scribe Online will automatically update your Scribe Online Agent.


Scribe strongly recommends that you close any browser windows during the Agent upgrade process. For information about Scribe Online Agent updates, see Updating an Agent ( in the Scribe Online Help Center.


New Features


Scribe is excited to announce the Text Source Connector. The Text Source Connector allows you to synchronize source data from text files to any available target connection (such as Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, or any supported OLEDB/ODBC data source). For detailed information, see Connecting to Text as a Source (


While the existing ODBC Connector can also be used to synchronize text files, the new Text Source Connector provides the following additional capabilities:

  • Unicode data support
  • Post-processing options for the source file. While configuring the connection, you can choose to delete, move, or leave a source text file after processing.
  • Previewing capabilities. During configuration, you can see what your data will look like during the file and field formatting steps. In addition, the configuration page provides a view into the first 25 rows of your raw data to help you check the data formats of the actual records during configuration.


Note that this release does not support query filtering - that is, the net change and source filter options when mapping an IS Solution.


This release does not allow you to use Text files as a target. The Text Target Connector is in progress and will be available with the next Scribe Online release scheduled for mid-March 2012.


Agent upgrade notes


This update brings the Scribe Online Agent to version


Installing a Scribe Online Agent for the first time


If you are installing a Scribe Online Agent for the first time, an older version of the Agent will be installed, and the Agent will automatically upgrade itself. This process will take 10 - 15 minutes and the Agent status on the Agent page will keep changing. When the installation and upgrade is complete, the Agent status will be Running and the Agent Version will be


Upgrading an existing Scribe Online Agent


If the Scribe Online Agent is already installed, it will automatically upgrade to version


Important: Scribe strongly recommends that you close any browser windows during the Agent upgrade process. If you do not, after the upgrade is complete you may see the new "Text File as Source" in the list of available connectors, but the Text Connector configuration page does not display. In this case:

  1. Cancel out of the connection dialog.
  2. Sign out of Scribe Online.
  3. Press Ctrl-F5 to reload the application.
  4. When you restart Scribe Online, select New from the Connections page, and then select Text File as Source, you should see the Text Source Entities tab.


Known Issues


The following are known issues in this Agent update release of Scribe Online:


  • If you specify a "Move to" directory after processing a source file for a text connection, and if that directory does not currently exist and is nested under the main directory (for example, ..\DataExchange\Processed), you must first create and grant access to the nested directory before running the Solution Instance. Otherwise, the Solution Instance will still run but will do nothing to the source file after processing. This defect will be addressed in the next Scribe Online release.
  • Field names with spaces and special characters are not supported in this release. Field names can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores (_). While the Fields tab allows you to configure a Text Connection with such field names, they will generate mapping errors when you use the Connection Entity as a SYS source. This defect will be addressed in the next Scribe Online release.
  • Running a Solution will result in the following execution error: "Index and Length must refer to a location within the string" when a source text file is changed such that one row has missing columns and you have changed a field value within the text file to a value that causes a data type mismatch (for example, a text value into a decimal field) as a result of the missing column. Scribe has only seen this error in this particular circumstance. If you have missing values at the end of a record, the job will still run and these rows will be skipped. An error will result at the end of the run indicating the number of skipped rows. This defect will be addressed in the next Scribe Online release.
  • If you edit the Text file as source connector from the Map page of the Solution Instance Wizard, any changes you make to the field names and data types will not be immediately available on the Fields tab. Save the Solution Instance and then edit it again to see the changes.


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