Marking in Spotfire: Passing only 1 Dimension to 'Details Visualisation'

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In the attached file I've made a simple dashboard comprised of two visualisations. I'm hoping a faily simple solution exists to my query that I'm just plain missing. I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Visualisation 1: A Barchart with one bar for each market (4). Each bar is coloured by segment. There are 3 segments and each exists in every market.

Visualisation 2: A line chart over time. This line chart has three lines (segment). The colours match the above visualisation.


Goal: I'd like to select a Market in Visualisation 1 and have the Visualisation 2 reflect this change. I want to only pass in APAC as a filter.

Current Issue: I do not want to limt by data by APAC + Home Office. I want to only pass in Market in the Details Visualisation with my Markings. I do not want to use Home Office to limt (filter) the data

Bonus: I'd like to Apply the filter as above, but use the Segment portion to highlight Visualisation 2.


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Binary Data filteringquery.dxp2.51 MB

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