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By using the tools swagger2iodocs last version available on github, the delete operations are converted to iodocs with httpmethod as PARAMETER -> ?????

Example swagger part

    "/CRM/accounts/cards/{cardNumber}" : {
      "delete" : {
        "tags" : [ "API" ],
        "summary" : "deleteCard",
        "description" : "Delete card of the customer account.\n\nThe account is retrieved from the X-User-Token passed in the header.\n\nThe card is always associated to the customer account. Only the status of the card is set to 'Inactive'. If this card is used in store, points will be always earned on the customer account. But it's not possible to burn points with this card.  This card will be no more available in a getCustomerCards call. It's not possible to reactivate this card without call the helpdesk.\n",
        "produces" : [ "application/json" ],
        "parameters" : [ {
          "name" : "X-User-Token",
          "in" : "header",
          "required" : true,
          "type" : "string",
          "description" : "X-User-Token received during the authentication."
        } ],

Example converted  iodocs part :

            "delete CRM accounts cards": {
               "httpMethod": "PARAMETERS",
               "path": "/CRM/accounts/cards/{cardNumber}",
               "parameters": {}



Do you have an idea why ? DELETE is not managed by the tool ?


Thanks for your help

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