May 2011 Update

Scribe recently released the May 2011 update of Scribe Online. This KB article is intended to provide details for this update.


Important: For existing users, Scribe strongly suggests that you update your Scribe Online Agent to the latest version. Earlier versions of the Agent may continue to function, but cannot access newly added features and do not include improvements and bug fixes. For information about how to update the Scribe Online Agent, see Updating an Agent ( in the Scribe Online Help Center.


New Features & Improvements:


Automatic Agent Updates: The Scribe Online Agent has been improved to automatically update when Scribe releases a new version of the Agent, without the need for human interaction. This feature makes it easy to stay current with the latest features and improvements from Scribe. For information, see Updating an Agent (


If your site uses a version of the Scribe Online Agent released before May 2011, you must manually update your Agent before you can take advantage of the automatic Agent update feature.


Remove Solutions: Users can now remove unused Solutions. For information, see Removing a Solution (


Improved Agent Management: Users can now install new Agents from the Agents page. For information, see Installing a Scribe Online Agent (


Improved Connection Management: Users can now add and edit connections from the Manage Connections page. A new interface simplifies the connection creation process. For information, see Adding connections (


Simplified Scribe Online RS Solution Instance Wizard: Scribe Online has been streamlined to make it easier to create a Solution Instance. The improvements to Agent and Connection management allow you to install the Scribe Online Agent and create your connections outside of the Scribe Online RS Solution Instance Wizard. You can then select your Agent and Connections from within the Wizard. While you can still install an Agent and add connections from within the Wizard, you are no longer required to do so. For information, see Configuring an RS Solution (


Support for Partner-Hosted Dynamics CRM Environments: Users can now select Partner-Hosted (IFD) deployment in addition to Online and On-Premise. IFD (Internet Facing Deployment), is the typical configuration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM environments hosted by 3rd party partners.


Support for Microsoft SQL Server Express and SQL Azure: Scribe Online now supports a wider number of SQL Server versions. For information about all supported software. For more information, see Scribe Online RS Solution Prerequisites (


Improved Manage Solutions page: The Manage Solutions page has been improved to provide users with more information about the state of the Solution Instances - including information about the health of the Agent as well as the results from the last run of that Solution Instance. For information, see Managing Solutions (


Bug Fixes:

This release resolves the following issues:


  • The May 2011 update to Scribe Online includes many of improvements to the user interface for clarity and consistency.
  • Scribe has added logic to work around defects in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 API by which metadata reported by the API does not match the data received by the API. Scribe has added some additional logic to work around these issues which results in fewer row errors. For example Goals and ImportLogs should no longer fail. See known issues below.
  • Users who created a new solution instance and immediately clicked the " Run Now" button before the agent has downloaded the new solution instance brought the solution instance into an unusable state. With the May 2011update, clicking the " Run Now" no longer causes issues.



Known Issues:


The following are known issues with the May 2011 update.



  • Installing the agent on Win 2003 x64 machines may occasionally require a manual restart of the installation process after the .NET 4.0 per-requisite is installed. Usually, the Scribe Online agent installer will detect if the .NET 4.0 prerequisite is not installed, install .NET 4.0 if such is the case, and on reboot, will automatically continue the agent install process. On some occasions, however, the automatic restart of the agent install does not happen after rebooting. In such cases, the user can recover from this situation by manually starting the agent installer again.
  • Miscellaneous issues when using older agent. All existing users running beta versions of the agent should upgrade to the latest agent.
  • We have intermittently observed situations in which, when clicking on the command buttons of the Manage Invitations or Invite Users dialogs, the Scribe Online application page is disabled (i.e., all navigation links are grayed out). To get out of this situation, simply refresh the browser page to get back to Scribe Online. We are currently investigating this issue to determine the root cause for fix in the next release.
  • Rows fail when executing a replication using Scribe Online RS. Many of these failures are due to a bug in the Microsoft API by which the meta data Scribe Online RS receives from Dynamics CRM 2011 and uses as the basis for creating entities in the replication database does not match the data being sent from Dynamics CRM 2011. Scribe has logged bug #111033151814881 with Microsoft and is working with Microsoft to resolve these issues. With the May 2011 update, Scribe has added some logic to get around some (but not all) of these issues (see Bug Fixes above).



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