Merge all data sources into single data table for single visualization

Dear Community,

I am new to spotfire and I have a requirement of building a dashboard with multiple data sources.

I have data tables ready in spotfire from different data sources. 


File 1 - A, B, C, Date1

File 2 - B, C, D, Date1, Date2

File 3 - A, C, D, Date2, Date3

File 4- A, B, D, Date4

I have loaded the data tables into spotire already. Now I have to combine all the data tables. No way I can load all the data from data sources into spotfire one more time.

I have to make a single Dashboard from  all the above data sources. The critical part of the requirement is Filters.

I will have all the Filters A,B,C,D and Date(Date1+Date2+Date3+Date4). These filters should be applicable for my Dashboard.

Is there any way that I can do best to fulfill my requirement. Any Leads will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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