Message Processor Fails during the initialization process...lookups work in the Workbench but not in the Console

Please contact Scribe support and reference Hotfix 9 D6274 for Insight 7.5 and Hotfix 8 D6293 for Insight 7.0.2.

Scribe support has hotfix's available for versions 7.0.2 and 7.5 of Scribe Insight for the following issues.

-DTSs SqlQuery() functions return #ERROR! on valid queries only when they are run from console the console.
-DBLOOKUP against the CRM systemuser object returns a #ERROR! when run through the services


The message processor attempts to validate variables and the source query during the source DB connection process, before the other DB's are fully connected and verified.
The source query and variable validation routines have been moved to a more appropriate location in the Message Processor Initialization process.


Because the resolution changed the order in which tasks are executed during the start up of new message processors, this hot fix may resolve other issues not specifically associated with the symptoms listed above. Therefore it is advisable to apply the apropriate version of this hotfix for your system if you are experienceing problems that " work in the Workbench, but not in the Console"


This hotfix replaces MessageProcessor.exe to resolve these issue.

To install this hotfix, perform the steps below:

1. Exit the Insight Console and Workbench and stop all Scribe services.

2. In the Scribe folder, rename MessageProcessor.exe to MessageProcessor.exe.bak as a backup.

3. Copy the MessageProcessor.exe file included in this hotfix to the Scribe folder.

4. Restart Scribe services

Posted by Josh S. on May 25 2012 8:26PM { U220 , F8 , T2616 , C8540 }