Message Queue process fails, changes label to PostUpdate|guid and sets "Extension" to "Matching entity not found [date]"


I am using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Publisher to publish inserts and updates from my CRM system into a queue on my scribe server. I then have an integration service on this queue that sends these changes to a local SQL server. The label for transferring between the to is ContactFromCRM

About half of the time, this works just fine. However, the other half of the time, the update will not occur, and instead a message will be written to the _mscrmpubfailed queue with a lable of PostUpdate|2|guid. And an extension text of " Matching entity not found [date]"

Enabling the pub_succeeded queue, I compared the messages that failed to messages that worked.

The only differences were the properties from crm " donotpostalmail" and " importsequencenumber" are in a different sequence within the XML message. The location is different in both the PRE and the POST sections.

So, I am looking for some help in troubleshooting this issue. Why would the publisher work sometimes and not others? I can literally continually update the same contact and sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't.

In addition, when it does work, it seems like the updates are one step behind the latest update. IE, whenever I save a change to a contact, a message will arrive detailing the LAST change to the contact. I won't get another one until I make another change.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you,


Posted by Jeffrey D. on Feb 18 2011 1:54AM { U2187 , F8 , T1818 , C5593 }

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