migrating CRM activity parties from on premise to cloud

Good evening


i have been migrating CRM on premise to the cloud maintaining all GUIDS across all entities. It been a while since i did this original migration and i cannot recall if i can do a direct migration or do i need to do it activity entity by entity? 


also i know you needed to do the following  around participationtypemasknameSELECTCASE( S16, "=Required attendee~requiredattendees | =Optional attendee~optionalattendees | =Organizer~organizer" )


but i cannot recall if i needed to link the act party to the filteredphonecall view and do the activities one at a time or can i just try and load them all in as were maintaining guids? 


my activityparty query excludes WHERE        (participationtypemask <> 8) AND (participationtypemask <> 9)


can somebody point me in the right direction please?



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