Missing Files Work-around Relative Path

Say there is a DXP file that is deployed through an SVN (version control), the SVN network is mapped to multiple people's local drives. Thus the location of the DXP file will be the same directly (SVN/subfolder1/subfolder2/file.dxp) nested in different locations on everyone's local drives depending one where its mapped (ie. C:Users/Person1/Documents/SVN/subfolder1/subfolder2/file.dxp vs. C:SVN/subfolder1/subfolder2/file.dxp)

There is spreadsheets that are in the different subfolders or throughout the SVN hierarchy that are linked in DXP. This results in a missing file prompt for each one.

It would be nice to have a relative path operator that would use the DXPs location, then grab the files accordingly. It seems like this is not a current feature of Spotfire (correct me if I'm wrong), so I would like to take the script approach. Please chime in if there is a better approach than what is proposed below.

Is there a way to by-pass / manipulate the Missing File prompt? If not, I considered instructing everyone to just hit open anyway, then after that the script would run to replace all the datatables with the paths to each spreadsheet. If this approach, what is the best way to auto-run script?

https://community.tibco.com/wiki/how-get-libraryfile-path-dxp-tibco-spotfire-using-ironpython will get the path of the file, string manipulation will be able to get all the files paths.

Really, this will only need to happen when the file gets updated, since each person will be using a local copy, and they will only need to relink/refind the links once. So whatever solution is used, it would be nice to only do it when the Missing File prompt comes up (otherwise no need to replace/refind data).