Multiple GP DB and Multi CRM DB/Organizations

We have Dynamics GP 2013 that has 2 company database (DB1 and DB2) and we are using scribe to connect to Dynamics CRM 2016 both on-premise. CRM has 2 (DB1 and DB2) organizations, one for each GP database. I find that when I create a CRM Adapter in scribe, it will only see one organization at a time, meaning I created a CRM Adapter for DB1 and save it. I then create a new CRM Adapter for DB2 and save it. When I open CRM Adapter for DB1 it shows DB2 information and when I change to DB1 and save it I get the same result on DB2 adapter. So my question is it possible to use scribe to go from GP DB1 to CRM DB1, because it seems that you can only have 1 CRM Adapter.