need to connect to excel stored on sharepoint 365

I need to be able to open an excel file stored on sharepoint that is part of office 365. Our spotfire version is 7.11. I can go to the sharepoint and get the URL for the excel and it looks like a valid URL (http://sharepoint.........) - I then stripped of whatever was after ".....xlsx?" and then tried that link on File-Open - it works fine and I can read it in and create the visualizations. But if I save that file and pass it on to another team member, they get file open error - my suspicion is that it downloads the excel and uses a local cached link and this doesn't work for someone else. I am aware of OData conenction but not sure how to use it - it talks about creating a listsvc URL and try it on the IE but I don't know how to construct such a link from the excel file link. Any help is appreciated.

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I found the following description at the official site on connecting to sharepoint: Note the blurb under Notes - this does not apply to office 365 sharepoint. I am trying to connect to an excel file on office 365 sharepoint - the way I was pasting in the sharepoint links worked in the previous versions but not in office 365 - something has changed. after seting up all the visualizations, if I go to data file properties I see a locally cached link (like C:\Users\....) and hence subsequence atempts to open it fails
 Setting up the Spotfire OData connector to be used with Microsoft SharePoint.
 Note: This article does not apply for Office 365 SharePoint.

The OData connector supports getting data through Web Services using the OData protocol. As long as the service meets all the requirements for the OData protocol, it should work with Spotfire. Microsoft is the vendor for the SharePoint web service, so we recommend that you contact Microsoft to find out what URL to use when you need to get data from Excel workbooks through SharePoint and OData. These are some useful references on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site:
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