Need Help Deserializing XML

The API response looks like this:



<drug id="[auto]" updatestatus="[auto]" patientid="PatientID" profilecode="ProfileCode" drugname="DrugName" drugstrength="DrugStrength" doseform="DoseForm" frequency="Frequency" .../>





I have this to pull and deserialize:

using (var response = request.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse)


      if (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.OK)


           var serializer = new DataContractSerializer(typeof(T));

          responseObject = (T)serializer.ReadObject(response.GetResponseStream());




           //TODO: Handle HttStatusCode != OK



return responseObject;

I've tried setting up my DataContract files a number of ways both with just the Medication and MedicationReponse files and layered with a results group and a drug group.  Any way I format it, I'm still getting this error:

ERROR: Exception Type : InvalidExecuteQueryException Message : Adapter Error Error in line 1 position 14. Expecting element 'ArrayOfMedicationResponse' from namespace'.. Encountered 'Element' with name 'PPMDResults', namespace ''.


I'm thinking maybe there's another way to deserialize???  Not sure what the best way to resolve this is.

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